Anna Hale’s Garret

Anna Hale’s Garret is yet another romantic space, with the feeling of a hideaway. It is in the eaves of the south wing, and has a sitting room that can be used as a second bedroom when families come. The bedroom itself, while cozy, has two double “cannon-ball” beds covered with antique quilts. The ceilings slope downward, so this accommodation is not recommended for very tall people (unless they enjoy ducking their heads). There is a very convincing fireplace with no ashes! (Please scroll down for room photos.)

Sunday – Thursday (non-holiday): $180a
Friday (non-holiday): $199b
Saturday & holiday, prior night booked: $240c
Saturday & holiday, prior night open: $260c
Weekend (2 nights) Fri-Sat OR Sat-Sun: $410b,c

a. Includes two elegant, candlelight breakfasts at 9AM.
b. Includes two elegant 9AM Saturday breakfasts.
c. Includes two elegant 9AM Sunday breakfasts.