James Wallace Parlour

The James Wallace Parlour is chosen by guests who enjoy historic elegance. There is a queen pineapple poster bed, Axminster carpeting, shades painted to reflect historic nearby scenes, and a private door to the spacious porch. This accommodation is on the first floor and is barrier-free without appearing so. Each of our rooms has a private bathroom with a tub and shower. You never have to share a bathroom with another guest. (Please scroll down for room photos.)

Sunday – Thursday (non-holiday): $200a
Friday (non-holiday): $225b
Saturday & holiday, prior night booked: $235c
Saturday & holiday, prior night open: $250c
Weekend (2 nights) Fri-Sat OR Sat-Sun: $450b,c

a. Includes two elegant, candlelight breakfasts at 9AM.
b. Includes two elegant 9AM Saturday breakfasts.
c. Includes two elegant 9AM Sunday breakfasts.