Policies at the Inn

POLICIES, as follows, help insure the enjoyment of all:

A deposit of 65% is required with the reservation. Deposits are refunded if emergency insurance is in place (at 6%, in advance); if notice is given two weeks prior to the reserved date; or if the accommodation is subsequently booked after a late cancellation.

ARRIVAL TIME: after 4:01 PM until 6:45 PM (then time out so the innkeepers can have dinner). Then from 8:30 PM on.

DEPARTURE: 11:00 AM (to prepare the Inn for the evening’s guests)

CHILDREN UNDER SIX YEARS OF AGE may be accommodated in the Loft and Granary suites. The main inn accepts children under six years of age when entirely reserved by one family or group.

SMOKING is permitted on the porches and grounds, but the Inn itself is smoke-free.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be brought by guests.

PETS are not permitted inside the main house due to concerns with allergies, soiling and noise. Reasonably well-adjusted pets are welcome to stay in our stable in rustic kennels we have for the purpose for $10/night. Additionally, The Granary Suite is the only room that accommodates pets. There is a one-time $75 fee . Arrangements must be made for pets when making the reservation so preparations can be made by The Inn.