Additional Photos and Gifts

We have the world’s smallest gift shop.  Its star attractions are our own two books that have attained “best seller” status by the more than 15,000 in print with over 11,000 sold to date. Titled “Inn Good Taste” and “Inn Joy Ment,” they are entertaining and useful, each with over one hundred anecdotes told over Inn breakfasts (you couldn’t make these stories up!) and equal numbers of “guests loved it” recipes.  Our third book, The Peninsula Python, is a small book which can be ordered with an accompanying CD.  It is our least popular, possibly proving that people are more fond of fun and food than historic reptiles besieging little towns.  All three books and other offerings are listed and shown below.

  • Inn Good Taste:  $24.95
  • Inn Joy Ment: $24.95
  • Boxed Set of Books:  Inn Good Taste & Inn Joy Ment:  $40.00
  • The Peninsula Python:  $5.00 (Book only); with CD:  $10.00
  • Gift Soaps by Bonnie:  $3.00-4.00
  • Lavender Sachets from the Garden:  $4.00
  • Tea Cozies by Nancy:  $24.00
  • Tea Gift Cards with 10 Tea Recipes by Nancy:  $8.00
  • Photo Cards by area artists:  $3.50 – $4.50
  • Inn Winter Scene Notecards:  $0.50 each

All plus tax and shipping.

Please call 330-467-1812 (Cleveland) or 330-650-4965 (Akron) or 1-888-306-3381 or email (brandywinefallsinn@windstream.net) with requests.